Honestly, I don’t really know.

As a general rule, I am extremely good at bottling things up. I lock experiences both good and bad away. Safe. Gone.
And I know it’s not healthy. But it’s just me.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes. And yet there are no people who know all of my story… no one anywhere truly does.
Different people know different parts.

So something in me snapped today, and I decided that it’s time.
I want to start sharing some of my stories, maybe in the hope that someone, somewhere might read it and connect on a deeper level. Maybe just in the hope that getting these stories out, might stop me going quietly insane.

They might make sense, and they might not – I’m not making any promises.
But I will try to tag things that go together to make them easy to follow. I know some will be tricky, as I’m writing in past tense, not present. And some of my stories will come as I remember them. As I think about them. And as they decide they are ready to be told.